A team committed to a vision:
Help startups and different business models to develop value propositions that improve society, through our web3 infrastructure.


Why choose Minteandome?

Minteandome provides technological solutions to companies and startups, giving them the ability to test, create and scale their products or projects in a more agile and efficient way.
We believe in offering the best experience, product and service for our customers.


We understand agility as the ability to change a position effectively. For us, it is a quality that gives us total control of the parts, and gives us the ability to move them quickly and freely for the benefit of everything that makes up Minteandome.


For us, diversity represents talent without labels. All team members are different in many ways, and that pushes us to be more skeptical and question things, which we understand as the path to success.


We believe in the possibility that company information is real. Like the blockchain, transparency allows us, in a public and distributed way, to show what we do and how we do it in a secure way.


Breaking with the traditional and the conventional, in search of innovation, is for this reason one of the values ​​that make Minteandome possible.


Software that works well on top of exhaustive documentation. Collaboration with the client above the negotiation of contracts. Respond to change over following a plan. People and relationships above processes and tools. Do it right, keep it simple.

Roadmap Minteandome

Every story begins with a why.

Milestones and events on the path of Minteandome

April 2022

Minteandome deploys an API that would provide the infrastructure of what would be an NFT ticket (EveNFT). The asset creation process was a purely technical and complex process.

July 2022

EveNFT pivots to Minteandome, with the idea of ​​becoming a Web3 infrastructure provider company. In that same month, Minteandome became part of the “Polygon Studios” hub.

October 2022

Minteandome is awarded the "Casper Accelerate Grant Program", a grant intended to carry out the compatibility migration of Minteandome's technology and systems, with the Casper Network chain. The goal of this achievement is to allow more users to use Minteandome's technology.

December 2022

Minteandome deploys its Dashboard (No-code), thus becoming Web3 infrastructure providers for different sectors. After this milestone, Minteandome is consolidated in a SaaS business model, focusing its efforts on the scalability of its products.

Management team

A team willing to do things differently.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Minteandome has been founded by a multidisciplinary team with a common purpose: to provide technological solutions. Minteandome is powered by the Hub "Polygon Studios" and awarded with the "Casper Accelerate Grant Program".


Oscar J. Picazo



Cristian J. Vega



Miguel Fernandez



Bryan Vaca


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